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I’ve tried to get back into fanatge, I really have, but I jusy can’t! It’s sooooooo boring! There is nothing to do,and sadly, I hate to say it, but most of the people, not all, they’re some great people on there, but most of the people are just idiots! Complete utterly idiots! Most of them are so ignorant and\or are so desperate to be cool. I just can’t deal with that, I’m not a “people person” as it is, and I have no patience for others stupidity. Therefore, I’m done with this blog because I’m just done with fantage! It will take a miracle  to get me back on, but hey, miracles can happen, rarely, but they do happen. I’m too into the whole Harry Potter fandom anyway and when I’m trying to write a 3,000-5,000 word fanfiction chapter each week and still have homework I just don’t have time for things like fantage. Well I’m pretty sure this is one of my last times on this blog, so bye 🙂


Missing Rudolph

Here are some of the answers to the missing Rudolph event if you get stuck or just forget it for some reason.

Secret Elevator = On top of the mission center elevator in downtown.

Watching a fashion show = inside top models

With the shark = the beach

buying furniture = furniture shop

Safehouse = The beach

Pixie and soapie stan = Qblast

drinking coffee = star café

Score board = School gym

golden statues = hof top floor

(repeat) Clubhouse = clubhouse (main)

playing basketball = school gym

Gizmo = Qblast

Roller coaster = carnival

Colorful floor = Dance club (building at the beach)

comet = comet and co (mt Fantage building/reporter den)

Playing a chess = school second floor

under a clock = downtown

saxophone = school music room (2nd floor)

pond = pet town

Drums = School music room (2nd floor)

uptown = uptown (by mymall)

superpower shop = Qblast

drinking coffee = star café

swan boat = grotto

mt Fantage = mt Fantage (far right) (twice)

swimming pool = cruise ship

Swan boat = grotto (why another repeat?)

playing basketball = school gym

balloons = carnival

playing a chess = Fantage school (floor 2)

in between buildings = downtown (between le shop and stellar salon)

Fantage legends = hall of fame – legend room (3rd floor)

drums = school music room

Qblast = Qblast (building in downtown)

Wizard’s hut = inside orions. (building in the forest)

helicopter = Mt. Fantage

Pumpkin = inside jesters costumes (building in uptown)

dying his hair = stellar salon (building in downtown)

clean Fantage sign = Fantage school (outside)

waiter = chez Fantage (cruise ship)

Fantage legends = hall of fame – legend room

wizards hut = orions (building in forest)

book it or bucket = school gym

clubhouse = inside clubhouse (building next to the school)

“thee seagulls” = lighthouse

Cabin = santa’s cabin (on mt Fantage)

Orion = wizards domain (building in forest)

uptown = uptown (in front of mymall)

agents = mission center

waiter = chez Fantage

helicopter = mt Fantage

playing king me = school café

swan boat = grotto

beside the fountain = pet town

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

snowboarding = santa’s  cabin (mt Fantage building)

uptown = uptown (front of mymall)

king me = school café

waterwheel = pet town

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

saxophone = school music room

pumpkin = jesters

roulette = lucky bob’s

shopping for clothes = le shop

playing basketball = school gym

lotus in a pond = Forest (far right)

q blast = Qblast (building in downtown)

cubes and lasers = qblast

Jamie = clubhouse

mt. Fantage = mt Fantage (to the right)

with a starfish = the beach

puzzles = arcade

helicopter = mt Fantage

coconut tree = the beach

helicopter = mt Fantage

Fantage legends = hall of fame – 3rd floor

gym = school gym

Maurice = pet shop

trendsetters = hall of fame – lobby

fountain = pet town

clean Fantage sign = outside school

school = outside school – by the slide

safe house = the beach

Maurice = pet town

dying his hair = stellar salon

hotel = island -inside resort

sunbed = island (far right)

under a clock = downtown

snowboarding = Santa’s cabin (building on mt Fantage)

building in downtown = top models

soda machine = school café

water slide  = cruise ship

scoreboard = school gym

Maurice = pet town

stellar = stellar salon

Colorful floor = Dance palm (building on beach)

off the hook = school gym

Cody = pet town

score board = school gym

lotus in a pond = forest (far right)

Starfish = the beach

in between buildings = downtown – between le shop and stellar salon

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

“hot sptings (springs)” = the spa (building in island)

swimsuits = high tide shop (building on island)

Sophia = pm boutique

mymall = mymall (lobby)

mission center = mission center (take elevator in downtown or uptown)

drums = school music room

Buildings in uptown = inside hall of fame

off the hook = school gym

air hockey = arcade

ottomans = furniture shop (building in uptown)

buildings in uptown = hall of fame – inside

score board = gym (school)

comet = comet and co (reporters den/building on mt Fantage)

fashion show = top models (building in downtown)

michelle = le shop

school = school (outside)

balloons = carnival

behind the trees = forest

crystal ball = orions

hope it helps 🙂 ttyl guys -Diva 😛


hello again

Well hello to anyone who still reads this blog. I apologize for being inactive on here and BRD, I just lost interest in fantage and was to busy reading HP fanfiction, sorry again. Well I am going to post something about the missing Rudolph event then go back to watching Harry Potter weekend on abc family. ttyl guys  – Diva


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So first I want to apologize for not posting sense the end of July. I said I was going to post tomorrow and never did, I am so sorry about that. I honestly have not been on fantage in awhile and have not been consistent when I have been on. I have not really wanted to go on fantage honestly, it does not really interest me the way it used to. It will again sometime soon though, that was the way I was with Bearville. So until I start logging on fantage more I will not really be posting all to often. Well until the next time I post.



Fantage 2015 Alice in Wonderland Hunt Answers! (With Pictures)

I was to lazy to do it my self, lol 😛
It is a lot like the Easter egg hunt 🙂

Fairy Life

Please tell me if I’ve missed any, or click here, to see my Easter Egg Hunt post with many of the same clues as this event 🙂

What to do:
Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard, then type in the clue that you have
It will then show you where it is

*notes: just Ctrl+F the first word starting with a capital letter or it probably will not show up (I was pretty inconsistent with my second or third words being capitalized)

Non members can only find 90
Not everyone has the same 90 hints, so I don’t think I have all of them. If you have one that isn’t on here, comment it down below and I’ll see if I can find it 🙂

After you find the first 40, you receive a medal
Attack of the Queen Medal

After you find 80, it levels up to level 2

Mission Center Uptown – Uptown…

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