2015 Easter egg hunt answers

here is help for the 2015 easter egg hunt. this information is from the fantage fairy she is tagged below. WordPress would not let me reblog it to this blog for some reason only to my bearville one even though specifically reblogged it to this blog but oh well. Make sure to visit her blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Basketball Balls – School Gym
Q – Q-Blast
Saxophone – School Music Room (Second Floor)
Swan Boat – Grotto
Hook and Book – School Gym
Luxurious Car FC500 – Furniture Shop
Crystal Ball – Orion’s Rare Finds
Poison – Lighthouse Secret Area (ClickΒ hereΒ to see where it is)
Scientist – Q-Blast
Ranking – Hall of Fame (Floor 1)
Colorful Floor – The Palm Dance Club
Wooden Floor – School Gym
Hair Dryer – Stella Salon
Two Sea Gulls – Top of Lighthouse
Roulette – Lucky Bob’s Trading Post
Coldest Place in Fantage – Mt Fantage
Michelle owns this place – Le Shop
Cubes and Laser – Q-Blast
Fantage Legends – Hall of Fame (Floor 3)
Seagull with Sunglasses – Outside the Lighthouse
Moodies – IDFone Shop
School Bell – School Lobby
Air Hockey – Arcade
Waterwheel – Pet Town
Jamie – Clubhouse Lobby
Cody – Pet Town
Michael owns this place – Board Shop
Piano and Bed – Furniture Shop
Heart on the Floor – Le Shop
Shampoo – Stella Salon
Magician and Gems – Orion’s Rare Finds
Lots of Trees – Forest
Cowboy – Lucky Bob’s Trading Post
Lotus in a pond – Forest (Far right)
Carrots and Watermelons – School Cafeteria
Ferris Wheel – Carnival
Mission – Mission Center
Wooden Building – Mt Fantage (Snowboard Cabin)
Fantage Standard Time – Downtown (Next to Le Shop)
Lily the Blue Fairy – Grotto
Coffee – Star Cafe
Agents – Mission Center
Starry – Orion’s Rare Finds
Present Shape Building – Outside Mymall
Drums – Fantage School Music Room (Floor 2)
Chalkboard and an Apple – Fantage School Room ABC
50 story building – Inside Mymall
Pumpkin – Costume Shop
Balloons – Carnival
Sophia – PM Boutique
Coconut Tree – Beach
Lipstick and eye shadows – Stella Salon
Mouse – Castle
Telescope – Top of Lighthouse
Golden Statues – Hall of Fame Top Floor
Emoticons – IDFone Shop
Cat and Dog – Fantage School Cafeteria (Floor 2)
Clean Fantage Sign – Fantage School (Outside)
Mannequin – PM Boutique
Cosmic Crest – Grotto
O and X – Fantage School Gym (Floor 2)
Next to the Crossroad – Uptown (Next to Board Shop)
Realtor – Inside Castle
Starfish – Beach
Bushes with Flowers – Next to Top Models
Maurice owns this place – Pet Shop
Water Slide – Cruise
Campfire -Mt Fantage
Helicopter – Mt Fantage
Safehouse – Beach
Puzzles – Arcade
Swimming Pool – Cruise
Shark – Beach (Next to Cruise)
Take Out – Star Cafe
Pond – Pet Town (Far Left)
Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse
Roller Coaster – Carnival
Pixie and Soapie Stan – Q-Blast
Elevator to Underground – Downtown (Outside Stella Salon)
Check Mate – Fantage School (Floor 2)
Fountain – Pet Town
Score Board – Fantage School Gym (Floor 2)
Hats – Le Shop
Bakery, Jungle, Cosmos – Q-Blast
Soda Machine – Fantage School Cafeteria (Floor 2)
British Officer – Castle
Snowboard – Mt Fantage (Snowboard Cabin)
Waiter – Cruise (Restaurant)
Between Buildings – Between Le Shop and Stella Salon
DJ – The Palm Dance Club (Beach)


Easter is Here :P

Easter is here at fantage.com. Try to find easter eggs starting today March 26, 2015—– April 8, 2015


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