Fantage Prom

If you have not already checked out prom here is a picture. Nothing really is going on except that everyone has a chance to become a dj every 5 minutes.                                                                                            fando prom

Victoria and Cody for prom queen and king!!!!!!!!

fan cod vic


Buying Limited Items with Stars Instead of gold


I know this cheat stopped working awhile ago but it works again with the Easter limited items!!!! 😛 I was on BRD (bearv

ille rainy days which btw is a bearville AND fantage forum) when I saw that my friend marina posted that this works with the Easter limited items and put a link to a fantage blog ( which is below btw 😛 )    That has instructions on how to do it. Well that is it for today make sure to try it out!!!!!

PS: works with ALL Easter GOLD items.

Credits: http://www.bearvillerainydays.forumotion.com (more specifically marina) &&& http://www.myfantageinfo.wordpress.com  🙂

The link: Buying Limited Items with Stars Instead of Gold.