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So first I want to apologize for not posting sense the end of July. I said I was going to post tomorrow and never did, I am so sorry about that. I honestly have not been on fantage in awhile and have not been consistent when I have been on. I have not really wanted to go on fantage honestly, it does not really interest me the way it used to. It will again sometime soon though, that was the way I was with Bearville. So until I start logging on fantage more I will not really be posting all to often. Well until the next time I post.



2 thoughts on “Read below….

  1. Yeah, I think we all go through phases with sites. I used to with Bearville (though not in 2013-2014 when I was most active) and I do that sometimes with Fantage. See you when that spark of interest comes back! 🙂


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