Missing Rudolph

Here are some of the answers to the missing Rudolph event if you get stuck or just forget it for some reason.

Secret Elevator = On top of the mission center elevator in downtown.

Watching a fashion show = inside top models

With the shark = the beach

buying furniture = furniture shop

Safehouse = The beach

Pixie and soapie stan = Qblast

drinking coffee = star café

Score board = School gym

golden statues = hof top floor

(repeat) Clubhouse = clubhouse (main)

playing basketball = school gym

Gizmo = Qblast

Roller coaster = carnival

Colorful floor = Dance club (building at the beach)

comet = comet and co (mt Fantage building/reporter den)

Playing a chess = school second floor

under a clock = downtown

saxophone = school music room (2nd floor)

pond = pet town

Drums = School music room (2nd floor)

uptown = uptown (by mymall)

superpower shop = Qblast

drinking coffee = star café

swan boat = grotto

mt Fantage = mt Fantage (far right) (twice)

swimming pool = cruise ship

Swan boat = grotto (why another repeat?)

playing basketball = school gym

balloons = carnival

playing a chess = Fantage school (floor 2)

in between buildings = downtown (between le shop and stellar salon)

Fantage legends = hall of fame – legend room (3rd floor)

drums = school music room

Qblast = Qblast (building in downtown)

Wizard’s hut = inside orions. (building in the forest)

helicopter = Mt. Fantage

Pumpkin = inside jesters costumes (building in uptown)

dying his hair = stellar salon (building in downtown)

clean Fantage sign = Fantage school (outside)

waiter = chez Fantage (cruise ship)

Fantage legends = hall of fame – legend room

wizards hut = orions (building in forest)

book it or bucket = school gym

clubhouse = inside clubhouse (building next to the school)

“thee seagulls” = lighthouse

Cabin = santa’s cabin (on mt Fantage)

Orion = wizards domain (building in forest)

uptown = uptown (in front of mymall)

agents = mission center

waiter = chez Fantage

helicopter = mt Fantage

playing king me = school café

swan boat = grotto

beside the fountain = pet town

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

snowboarding = santa’s  cabin (mt Fantage building)

uptown = uptown (front of mymall)

king me = school café

waterwheel = pet town

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

saxophone = school music room

pumpkin = jesters

roulette = lucky bob’s

shopping for clothes = le shop

playing basketball = school gym

lotus in a pond = Forest (far right)

q blast = Qblast (building in downtown)

cubes and lasers = qblast

Jamie = clubhouse

mt. Fantage = mt Fantage (to the right)

with a starfish = the beach

puzzles = arcade

helicopter = mt Fantage

coconut tree = the beach

helicopter = mt Fantage

Fantage legends = hall of fame – 3rd floor

gym = school gym

Maurice = pet shop

trendsetters = hall of fame – lobby

fountain = pet town

clean Fantage sign = outside school

school = outside school – by the slide

safe house = the beach

Maurice = pet town

dying his hair = stellar salon

hotel = island -inside resort

sunbed = island (far right)

under a clock = downtown

snowboarding = Santa’s cabin (building on mt Fantage)

building in downtown = top models

soda machine = school café

water slide  = cruise ship

scoreboard = school gym

Maurice = pet town

stellar = stellar salon

Colorful floor = Dance palm (building on beach)

off the hook = school gym

Cody = pet town

score board = school gym

lotus in a pond = forest (far right)

Starfish = the beach

in between buildings = downtown – between le shop and stellar salon

lipstick and eye shadow = stellar salon

“hot sptings (springs)” = the spa (building in island)

swimsuits = high tide shop (building on island)

Sophia = pm boutique

mymall = mymall (lobby)

mission center = mission center (take elevator in downtown or uptown)

drums = school music room

Buildings in uptown = inside hall of fame

off the hook = school gym

air hockey = arcade

ottomans = furniture shop (building in uptown)

buildings in uptown = hall of fame – inside

score board = gym (school)

comet = comet and co (reporters den/building on mt Fantage)

fashion show = top models (building in downtown)

michelle = le shop

school = school (outside)

balloons = carnival

behind the trees = forest

crystal ball = orions

hope it helps 🙂 ttyl guys -Diva 😛


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