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I’ve tried to get back into fanatge, I really have, but I jusy can’t! It’s sooooooo boring! There is nothing to do,and sadly, I hate to say it, but most of the people, not all, they’re some great people on there, but most of the people are just idiots! Complete utterly idiots! Most of them are so ignorant and\or are so desperate to be cool. I just can’t deal with that, I’m not a “people person” as it is, and I have no patience for others stupidity. Therefore, I’m done with this blog because I’m just done with fantage! It will take a miracle  to get me back on, but hey, miracles can happen, rarely, but they do happen. I’m too into the whole Harry Potter fandom anyway and when I’m trying to write a 3,000-5,000 word fanfiction chapter each week and still have homework I just don’t have time for things like fantage. Well I’m pretty sure this is one of my last times on this blog, so bye 🙂


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