New Items!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I have not been posting…..

As the title says I am super sorry for not posting. I just have been busy studying for final exams and SOL’s so I have not had time to get on here to post. Tomorrow I will post something about the new items in le shop and steller Salon. Well till then



is this just me??????

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Is it just me that it will not give you get the daily prize and will not let you log out????? The only way to get out is pressing “go to event room”. I guess I can’t get all the prizes for the next two weeks oh well. Please tell me if it is just me or you are having the same problem. Fantage please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dress Cheat

1.)  Go to Spanish server and create a character

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2.) make a new character  (you can use a random email)

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3.) do the tutorial SKIP WHEN YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!

!fan step 3


fan step 4

5.) press to get the dress

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6.) DO NOT PRESS ACCEPT!!!!!!!!! LOGOUT!!!!!!!

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7.) repeat as many times as you want. when you are done repeating press accept go to your inventory and you should have all the dresses and even more than i of each type.

fan step 8

this is a cheat for beginners or a side character or to start over. there is no way you can do this with you main character (sorry 😦 ) ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       comment if you have questions!!!!!!!!!


Fantage Prom

If you have not already checked out prom here is a picture. Nothing really is going on except that everyone has a chance to become a dj every 5 minutes.                                                                                            fando prom

Victoria and Cody for prom queen and king!!!!!!!!

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